Welcome to PureHD

Pure high definition television in your hotel is a reality at last

PureHD changes the paradigm for television delivery to the commercial marketplace, eliminating analog channels and eliminating local staffing maintenance work.   PureHD delivers MORE HD channels, MORE remote management, and MORE advanced features for the LOWEST PRICE per HD channel in the marketplace.

No longer are guests, patients, students, and clients subjected to fuzzy analog images.  PureHD delivers a stunningly pure, 100% digital HD programming experience to the hospitality market with a robust and scalable set of features that serve the various needs of unique commercial markets.

PureHD provides state-of-the-art 100% remotely managed HD services to minimize on-site maintenance staffing requirements and to nearly eliminate truck rolls for channel outage issues.

PureHD delivers an unparalleled HDTV experience that hoteliers, universities, and health care guests, students, and clients expect and deserve.

PureHD provides revolutionary commercial features such as a Branded Turn-On Page, an Electronic Program Guide, and hosted Private Channels, allowing commercial customers to control content and messaging on their HDTV.