PureHD focuses on the commercial HDTV marketplace with over 120,000 Guest Rooms served in the US and Canada.


PureHD is a premier DISH Network HD integrator serving over 120,000 guest rooms throughout the US and Canada. Our unique feature set is designed to put the branding and TV control back in the hands of the hotelier. PureHD’s key executives have decades of experience in the hospitality market and provide hoteliers with seasoned technology consultation during the entirety of the commercial relationship. Through our customizable products and services, PureHD has the capabilities to present a personalized Welcome Page, Electronic Program Guide, and dedicated hotel channels to meet specific hotel needs.


PureHD offers high-definition TV solutions for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other health care facilities. PureHD can deliver HD television to bedside panels, flat panels on walls, or to legacy tube TV. PureHD can customize channel lineups and packages for a wide range of clientele.


PureHD provides comprehensive commercial packages to large commercial buildings, bars, and restaurants. Content from DISH Network or DirecTV’s exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket is available from PureHD with complete remote HDTV management support 24/7.


PureHD’s DISH Network content serves a host of government areas from training dormitories to military hotels to barracks and other lodging facilities. PureHD’s Smartbox product helps government transition from the analog to the digital world in a seamless, cost effective manner.