Evolving on Demand

April 16, 2018

SUDBURY, MA -Tom Pullen founded PureHD nine years ago with a vision to become the leader in the high-definition free-to-guest television market for the hospitality industry. Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation for delivering first-class service and having the industry expertise to install it right the first time.

“The vision was to build a company that was all digital,” Pullen adds. “The trouble was, a lot of the vendors in our industry have a lot of legacy systems that are analog, which created a complex support and operations model. As the first company in the digital age, the way we built the company, support, technology, and operations are all different than what our predecessors have done.

“We have very low customer turnover because we focus on the service side of things,” Pullen says. “Every single customer is a reference. When I started this company, I wanted to be different than the incumbents who didn’t do a good job of listening to the customer.”


PureHD considers itself a technology leader in the digital television space. “We have been watching the convergence of streaming video and broadcast television, but until just recently, there was no technology that enabled any hotel to provide their guests a seamless integration of their personal content, on-demand content, and hotel linear television. DISH identified a need in the market and created EVOLVE to meet that demand.”


Interactive Experience

Eighteen months ago, PureHD delivered the first EVOLVE platform installation. Hotelier response has been positive with installations in many major cities.


To meet millennials and the next generation’s demands, the platform had to be 4K-capable, feature Chromecast built-in for casting content from apps like YouTube, Hulu and HBO, offer free-to-guest interactive television and feature parental controls. DISH’s EVOLVE is also Google certified, allowing customers to access thousands of apps from the Google Play Store.


“If a hotel wants me to do something special like integrate their rewards program, dining options or spa/golf reservations into the EVOLVE platform, the answer is, ‘There’s an app for that,’” Pullen explains. “Because EVOLVE is Google certified, every time a developer updates their app, Google is performing the update certification, allowing PureHD to focus on customer specific apps.”


“DISH’s EVOLVE is being called a game-changer in the hospitality industry, as it’s three years ahead of other hotel TV solutions,” Pullen says. “The number of hotels we’re installing with EVOLVE continues to grow rapidly, as it’s becoming table stakes to provide guests with an interactive entertainment solution.”


Industry response to DISH’s EVOLVE has been extremely positive. “Everyone says the platform is lightning fast – fast channel change, fast navigation, fast search and it’s just all around fast,” Pullen says. “It is nearly 50 percent faster than any other interactive platform in the marketplace. EVOLVE is a well-baked solution deep into the commercial rollout. Both PureHD and DISH continue to develop additional exciting features”


PureHD’s key development focuses are around hotel compendium, simplified Chrome casting, and leveraging other Google tools to enhance the guest room entertainment experience.


 “EVOLVE can become the hub or the brain of the room using Google apps,” Pullen explains. “This interactive product is designed for hotels that are trying to differentiate themselves through guest experience and technology. The EVOLVE set-back box is the top 4K-enabled solution in the market, making it the perfect next generation platform for hospitality entertainment,”

By: Janice Hoppe-Spiers